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Whether you offer a parking lot with valet service or a shuttle service at the airport, with the Airport Parking Software you always have all the important information at a glance & reach useful functions with just a few clicks. And that both with PC and with the mobile phone. Let us advise you now!

Main functions

The Airport Parking Software has many very useful functions developed from practical experience. Here you will get a rough overview of the most important features & advantages of the Parking Software.


Booking intelligence e.g. no overbooking possible, no double bookings,…


Responsive forms and for the most important work areas such as the driver appointment lists

Respnsive bookingforms

Booking form variants can be integrated into any website (WordPress, Joomla, …)

Flexible rights management

Flexible user groups with individual rights management adjustable

Practical search function

Practical search function: search for customers, bookings, payments, vehicles,…


Multilingualism for booking forms and the administration backend.

Soon - Live Flight Tracking Data

Optional live flight tracking data for arrival

Straightforward & intuitive operation

Simple processing of bookings, dates & payment transactions

Pay online

Online payment in the booking form with Paypal, credit cards & Sofort

API interfaces

API interfaces to parking lot portals for automatic import of bookings

Login for existing customers

Easier booking for existing customers through login with customer data

Easy communication with customers

Easy communication with the customer through integrated emails

Airport-Parking-Software responsive datelist

Simple, intuitive operation

During the development of the Airport Parking Software 2011, the basic requirement was that the software should be easy to learn and intuitive to use. We have achieved this – let us convince you!

Effective, clever search function

The second, important requirement was to be able to research data from all areas in order to gain an overview of the existing customer or to be able to quickly switch to the next customer without having to change the mask.

Installation with the most active customers
Completed transactions in 2018

Excellent parking software ✓ + Top Support ✓ = 100% satisfied customers

Since 2011, the Airport Parking Software has been used by car park service providers of different sizes and with individual requirements practically trouble-free. Let us advise and convince you.

Active customers
Satisfied customers

What our customers say

We have been working with Mr. Kaempf and the Airport Parking Software since their founding in 2017 and thanks to his advice and experience we have been profitable from day one. Thank you very much! Absolutely recommendable.

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